Modular Type Graphic Operator Iterface

 ویژگی ها:
Powerful TFT LCD expression in 65,536 colors
Realize expressive operation screens with 3D real parts in 65,536 colors.


Use the project converter to distribute screens assets with GP-Pro EX.
Enhanced graphics for even the most basic functions
Utilize 65,536 colors for basic functions such as 7-digit display and color-swap for alarm status messages


A variety of graphical fonts provides easy-to-read numbers.
Easy to create
Drag-and-drop allows you to easily create operation screens on GP-Pro EX, a screen creation software.

In addition, it's easy to create attractive screens by downloading backgrounds and illustrations online.

Easy to install
Just make a φ22 mm [0.87 in.] circular hole.

Easy to connect
Provides a variety of onboard interfaces for hassle-free connection to various peripheral and control devices.



The Ethernet Multilink function allows you to add a GP
as a sub-display on an Ethernet network without changing any machine settings.
It could be replaced with Fieldbus networks, more open and reasonable network solution.