Advannced  Graphic Operator Interface

5ویژگی برای کسترش کارایی در این سری:

Feature 1 - GP-Pro EX to create clear, crisp, screens and reduce development time
GP-Pro EX is a screen editor software with user-friendly features like drag and drop and one-click operation.
A wide variety of features such as 3D Real Parts, picture fonts and Animation allow even first-time users to quickly and easily create screens.

Feature 2 - Samples to reduce editing time
Pro-face offers a wide variety of sample screens and parts.
The use of these high-quality samples allow, with their easy-to-see, easy-to-use design, for reduction of editing time.


Feature 3 - Operation verification only on PC
The Simulation feature allows you to check all GP operations including D-script and logic programs on a PC screen without data transfer to GP.

Feature 4 - Easy upgrade from previous models
The GP Series supports the screen data of any GP Series models including the first GP, the 10 Series. Panel cutout compatibility has been maintained through all of the GP product families for easy replacement.

Feature 5 - Recording machine status to diagnose errors
The Event Recorder feature of the GP3000 Series M Class can record video of a machine in operation.This adds value to your machine as you can save and analyze error logs.