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Compact Design: Space-saving, all-in-one design

In response to demand for a smaller control device, we’ve now integrated the control and operation functions into the display itself. In short, we’ve combined lamps, meter graphs, and other display devices with switches, buttons and other operation functions together in an integrated, compact PLC. In addition to reducing wire consumption and saving space, this design minimizes the number of electric parts, thus ensuring a long service life.

Compact but with powerful functions

This compact unit is provided with standard I/Os that can function as special I/Os.* We have provided advanced control of high/low pulses up to 65kHz and high-speed counters up to 100kHz. The powerful I/O interface supports not only equipment requiring switches and lamps but also sophisticated equipment requiring advanced positioning.
*Accommodates a maximum of 4 I/Os.


 A variety of interfaces
Easy to correct screen transfer and production data via USB
All our models are equipped with a USB interface. As a result, USB thumb drives can be used for easy collection and transmission of screen data and production data.

Data collection via Ethernet
Using Data management software "Pro-Server EX", production data can be collected in real time with LT-3300S/L models through Ethernet.

Connect directly to the temperature controller using serial communication.
Previously, a PLC was needed to connect to a temperature controller. With the 5.7" model (LT3300 Series), use the serial interface to connect to a temperature controller or other types of boards, there by reducing your overall equipment cost. Connect to external devices with prepared sample screens.

Full Graphical Capability
This unit incorporates a full graphics capability that can display text and beautiful images even on a small screen. Choose either an STN color display or a monochrome (amber/red switchable) display to suit your specific needs.

 Expandable design
Add expansion units for increased functions. EX module and CANopen are available.
1. Up to 3 EX modules for 5.7 inch model
2. Up to 2 EX modules for 3.8 inch model
3. EX module and CANopen master unit can NOT be combined.

CANopen network
EN50325-4 Network Standard. Using the LT unit as a master, you can communicate over a CANopen network.


با یکی از کنترلر های گرافیکی این  سری  تمام این کارها را میتوان انجام داد.

Control the speed of a conveyor with a stepping motor. Connect directly to a temperature controller using serial communication to eliminate the need for a PLC.